Roy Meldrum

Roy Meldrum’s nautical art is truly a sight to behold. Painted not on canvas but on Kevlar Sails. The attention to detail is outstanding and serves as a credit to his passion for his work. One of his pieces “Skerries Buoy” is currently on show at Caffe Gallerie. Roy created it using acrylic on a Kevlar Sail to stay true to the nautical theme. Even the writing and lines pertain to the exact nautical chart position of the buoy. New works will be showcased throughout July and August 2017 at our New Leaf Exhibition.

Hilary Hughes

Hilary Hughes takes inspiration from nature, man’s interaction with earth and the resultant consequences in chemical processes. in her own words: “I think of myself as a landscape painter but to many my work is abstract”. The meaningful array of colours without being overly bold brings a sense of relaxation when gazing at her works.

Richard Sunderland

Richard Sunderland Art is another artist featured our New Leaf Exhibition throughout July and August 2017. His pieces reflect local scenery and geography around PlymouthDartmoor and Cornwall as well as exploring Devonian heritage. We are beyond excited to have yet another talented local on board with such a unique vision of the space around us.

Whittle Design

Husband and wife team Kerry and Tilly Whittle – Whittle Design work with bronze and steel to produce an evolving range of sculptures including bowls, mirrors, sculptures and wall hangings. Caffe Gallerie are thrilled to have them on board for our New Leaf Exhibiton in July 2017 with some exclusive pieces including the striking figurehead sculpture above by Kerry, handmade in their small studio in the Cornish countryside.